Books are signals that cut through the noise.

We are committed to championing gifted storytellers who are driven by a sense of purpose. From debut authors to established voices, we are drawn to writers who tackle unfamiliar subjects with authenticity and expertise or familiar subjects from unconventional, fresh points of view; writers and journalists who challenge the established narrative and break new ground; academics who can inspire and entertain even as they educate us; memoirists whose experiences and insights can help us gain a better understanding of ourselves, our communities and the world at large.

At One Signal, we aspire to foster a community of progressive, forward-thinking people who will feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to their work, knowing they will be fully accepted and supported by their fellow authors and our staff.
signal noun   sig·​nal | \ˈsig-nᵊl
1. Sign, indication; 2. Something (such as a sound, gesture, or object) that conveys notice or warning; 3. An object used to transmit or convey information beyond the range of human voice.